Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Check It Out 12 09 09

Check It Out 12 09 09

Here are 4 gleanings from the blogoshere to bless your day.

Mark Driscoll has 16 Daddy Christmas Tips.

Pastor Colin Smith has a Christmas season devotional to help you reflect on Jesus’ glory by taking a broad look at all that God has promised and accomplished in Him. The readings follow the pattern of his current sermon series, “The Plan: God’s Design For the Universe and Your Place In It.” You can read, hear or watch these sermons as they are posted at Unlocking the Bible.] He is posting a new devotional each day.

Chris Braun has a quote from Cornelius Plantinga on the relationship between discipline and creativity.

Ray Ortlund has an article entitled Brothers Together in Christ that is a valuable read.

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