Thursday, December 17, 2009

Check It Out 12 17 09

Here are several links that I have found helpful this week.

Carl Trueman wrote a very sobering article on self promotion, particularly that which occurs on the internet. He tone is gentle, yet his message cuts to the heart of pride that lives deep in all of us (perhaps not as deep as we think). This is a thoughtful article, very convicting to me.

Dumb sheep. Who are we to talk?

Juan Sanchez posts another article in an on-going discussion on contextualization.

Many, many are facing unemployment. I have a brother that has been out of work for a year. I have church members that have been out of work for extended periods. It is difficult as you pray with them and talk with them and cry with them, yet it is also a time of growth and blessing. Greg Gilbert at Nine Marks Journal has posted part one of a two part series on unemployment that I found helpful and I believe would be helpful to any believer facing the loss of a job.

Jon Acuff has an essay on the corrosive effect of sin in our lives.

Of First Importance quote The Father’s Two Greatest Gifts.

Ed Stetzer posts a video with a light hearted look at selfishness at Christmastime.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler, Pastor at the Village Church in had a tumor removed from the frontal lobe of his brain last week. The pathology report is in and it states that the tumor was malignant. The Village Church has posted an update on their web page.
Here is an link to a video that Matt made before his surgery. Here is a video of Matt's sermon at this year's Desiring God conference.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Check It Out 12 14 09

Several links I gleaned over the weekend.

Here is a very interesting article from the Biblical Archeological Journal discussing why we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25.

My cousin, Dan Cruver, is now posting at the Gospel Coalition. Here is his article What Orphans Need: Christians Who Live in the Joy of Their Father’s Delight.

Also at the Gospel Coalition there is a thoughtful article on contextualization and the gospel.

John MacArthur’s take on the prosperity gospel. As usual he pulls no punches in dismantling this false teaching.

Tim Challies has a listing of daily devotionals. Look the list over, there are many helpful resources there.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check It Out 12 10 09

John Piper posted good article today: Why Require Unregenerate Children to Act Like They’re Good. Noel Piper adds this article on Advent.

Here are a couple of helpful articles discussing the gospel and the Christian life: here and here.

Matt Perman discusses the common grace of the unparalleled food supply chain here in this country.

A thoughtful essay on Spurgeon and depression. This is a helpful look at a biblical response to periods of darkness.

And finally for today there is an article over at the Gospel Coalition entitled The Dominion of Foot Washing.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Check It Out 12 09 09

Check It Out 12 09 09

Here are 4 gleanings from the blogoshere to bless your day.

Mark Driscoll has 16 Daddy Christmas Tips.

Pastor Colin Smith has a Christmas season devotional to help you reflect on Jesus’ glory by taking a broad look at all that God has promised and accomplished in Him. The readings follow the pattern of his current sermon series, “The Plan: God’s Design For the Universe and Your Place In It.” You can read, hear or watch these sermons as they are posted at Unlocking the Bible.] He is posting a new devotional each day.

Chris Braun has a quote from Cornelius Plantinga on the relationship between discipline and creativity.

Ray Ortlund has an article entitled Brothers Together in Christ that is a valuable read.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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Here are some articles worth reading today:

Good reminder of how to live godly from Elyse Fitzpatrick quoted at Of First Importance.

Dan Cruver links to an article telling about the first Christmas for three adopted children from Rwanda.

Here is an article on hospitality. While many will do more get togethers during the holiday season, this virtue should extend throughout the year.
(HT Challies)

Tim Challies put up a thoughtful post today on Being a Diligent Listener. He is dealing with the individual responsibility of those in the congregation to prepare and engage with the sermon.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Check It Out 12 07 09

Some valuable links to look at for today.

Here is a video that Matt Chandler recorded this week before his surgery. It was played on Sunday at the Village Church. Also scroll down and read his list of ten things that he is thankful for.

I like Matt Perman’s post on Moral Clarity. He has some very helpful thoughts.

Max McLean has Ten Tips on the public reading of Scripture.

Trevin Wax with 9 Examples of the Internet Changing Our World.

Here is a very thoughtful article by John MacArthur dissecting the Prosperity Gospel. As usual he has a very clear, biblical perspective on the issue.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Check It Out 12 05 09

Here is some good reading and listening for a Sunday morning.

Pastor Chris Braun shares some beneficial ideas to implement as we prepare for the Lord’s Table.

I make Justin Taylor’s blog a regular stop because he always has great content. Here he posts a video of Bob Kauflin and Paul Tripp discussing worship and counseling. I commend it to you.

Justin Buzzard has a four question interview with D. A. Carson about the gospel and its impact for the believer on a daily basis. I highly recommend reading and thinking about this.

Do you need ideas for Christmas? If there are kids on your list Nate Wright has a couple for you.

If you are on facebook, our church just added a facebook page.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Check It Out 12 04 09

Dan Cruver has some good thoughts in his article Caring for Orphans While Soaked with the Sense of Exile. Thanks for the thoughts Dan.

Here are Pastor Matt Chandler’s thoughts as he heads into surgery to have a tumor removed from the frontal lobe of his brain. Pray for Matt.
(HT Zach Nielsen)

Here is an article that Albert Mohler wrote called Moralism vs. the Gospel. Some good thoughts to remind us of the vital nature of the gospel.

Here is some helpful thoughts on how Christians should respond to the furor surrounding Tiger Woods. C. J. Mahaney does a good job in discerning the true issues involved.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Check It Out 12 03 09

Here are three links that are worth looking at today:

Jon Acuff, of Stuff Christians Like, always puts up thoughtful content on Wednesdays. This week is no exception.

My daughter, Bethany, put up a new post at her blog.

Some good reminders in this article at the Gospel Coalition Blog. Three Truths that Change Your Life.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Check It Out 12 02 09

As usual the Big Picture has some spectacular pictures. This month they are adding a picture a day from the Hubble Space Telescope to make an Advent Calendar. This will require you to check back each day to see the new picture. If the quality of the rest is as good as the first one, it is worth the effort.

Russ Moore has written a profound and moving article Jesus Has Aids. Read this and ponder the truths that are laid in front of you.

My cousin Dan Cruver always has thoughtful, helpful articles on his website. Today is no exception. Let me commend this article, Adoption, Christian Identity, and the Global Orphan Crisis as worth reading, especially after reading Dr. Moore’s article.

Justin Taylor, the managing editor for the ESV Study Bible, has a very helpful post describing one of the best ways to study the Bible.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Check It Out 12 01 09

Here is some good content for the beginning of December.

Mike Pohlman, over at the Gospel Coalition Blog shares a good quote and some helpful commentary on the Pastor as “Life Coach” vs. Herald of the Good News.

The Gospel Provides the Questions is a new post by Trevin Wax that addresses the important idea of contextualization of the Gospel.

Over at First Things is an excellent article, Longing For King Jesus that helps put into perspective what advent is about.
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