Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Check It Out 12 02 09

As usual the Big Picture has some spectacular pictures. This month they are adding a picture a day from the Hubble Space Telescope to make an Advent Calendar. This will require you to check back each day to see the new picture. If the quality of the rest is as good as the first one, it is worth the effort.

Russ Moore has written a profound and moving article Jesus Has Aids. Read this and ponder the truths that are laid in front of you.

My cousin Dan Cruver always has thoughtful, helpful articles on his website. Today is no exception. Let me commend this article, Adoption, Christian Identity, and the Global Orphan Crisis as worth reading, especially after reading Dr. Moore’s article.

Justin Taylor, the managing editor for the ESV Study Bible, has a very helpful post describing one of the best ways to study the Bible.

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