Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review of Religion Saves & Nine Other Misconceptions

In Religion Saves & Nine Other Misconceptions, Mark Driscoll tackles some of the thornier questions facing believers in the twenty-first Century. He takes a page from Paul’s answers to the questions the Corinthian Church asked and does a similar thing with questions that were posted on the Mars Hill website. The nine questions that he answers range from questions about birth control, sexual sin and dating to questions regarding style both in the preaching and in the worship, to theological questions on topics like predestination, grace, faith and works, and the doctrinal position (or lack of) of the Emerging Church.

Driscoll uses a blunt, bold style in answering, and he communicates well. He breaks difficult truths down so that they can be easily understood. While one may quibble with some of Mark’s style, his conclusions are well thought out and solid in substance.

I heartily recommend this as a book that cuts through a lot of the rhetoric that passes for Christianity.

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