Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Excitement in Honduras

I was pleased this week to talk to Bethany and listen to her excitement about her time in Honduras. She had the opportunity to experience two exciting events.

The first was when a fellow teacher called her and told her that she wanted to meet with her. Last week Bethany had shared the Gospel with this teacher. Now she was calling Bethany and wanted to talk. So Beth told her that she was at Burger King doing lesson plans. The young lady said she’d be right there. When she got there she told Bethany that she had ask Jesus to be her Savior. Beth was very excited about that.

Then second exciting event was when Bethany and several fellow teachers were able to attend the USA vs. Honduras soccer game. The excitement of being packed into a stadium with thousands of Honduran fans was something that she had never experienced before.

Reading about her experience in Honduras is worth your time.

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