Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blessings by the Minute!

This morning I am sitting with a cup of coffee thinking back through this past week. As I contemplate the last 168 hours I am overwhelmed with the sense of God’s goodness.

Last Saturday the team from Evangel Baptist arrived and we got them situated. Sunday Morning was a blessing as they shared in our service, then in the evening service they ministered greatly to our hearts.

That was just the appetizer to what God had in store for us for the week.

These teens threw themselves into the work of ministering to the children we had come for VBS. Our adults had prepared and were just as enthusiastic. That combination achieved one of the most energetic and effective VBS’ that I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

The numbers grew each day except the last. The enthusiasm was contagious and the love of God was evident. Our Bible teacher did a wonderful job of conveying the truth of God’s Word. The crafts were well thought out. The game time was exciting yet under control. The individual teachers were able to reinforce the truths that had been taught during the lesson time. I am so grateful for our director and how all of this was pulled together.

In the afternoons the team from Evangel dug in (literally) and accomplished some work projects we had. They cleaned out an old brush pile from the back corner, dug out an overgrown bush, scraped and painted an outdoor staircase, then dug out to the foundation of the building so we could waterproof it. That project alone would have occupied the men of the church for most of the summer, but praise God it was done in 4 days.

Thursday evening was special as we hosted a teen rally. The title for it was “Knights of the Burnt Marshmallow.” Our teen leader had games planned, food prepared and we had a marvelous time. At the end of the evening the Gospel was clearly presented by Pastor Pierpont. Praise God for His grace.

The week ended well as our closing program on Friday afternoon was attended by many of the parents. We presented the Gospel and are praying for God’s Spirit to be working in hearts.

The team from Evangel left on Friday afternoon and we are praying for God’s blessing to be upon them as He directs in these teens lives.

I am grateful for the vision of leadership at Evangel Baptist that is behind mission’s trips like these. The parents’ prayers and training is very evident. The commitment of the church to developing a heart for ministry is also evident.

God is always blessing us, it is extra special when he gives us such a week like this when his hand of blessing is even more evident.

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