Thursday, April 02, 2009

Extravagant Worship

Meditate on the extravagant gift that Mary of Bethany poured out on the Savior just two days before his death. She brought the most valuable item she owned and poured it out on his head. The perfume symbolized her devotion. (Read Mark 14:2-9)
She came in and just lavished her love on the one who was soon to pour out his life in an extravagant display of love for the world.

Of course there were those present who criticized her display of devotion. They said: “This is poor stewardship of the what God has given you. You should have sold this and used it to help multitudes of people. Just think what a waste this was to pour it out on one person!”

Jesus rebuked such indignant murmuring. He said that the devotion to him was of greater worth than anything else she could do. He commended her love, saying that she did all she could do. He said it would be talked about wherever the Gospel was preached.

As I meditate on this, I think about the way I worship the Savior. There are times when I am more concerned with being a good steward of my time than I am with worshiping the one who gave his life for me. I need to lavish in my devotion to him, I need to be extravagant as I worship.

Mary’s worship is spoken of wherever the Gospel is preached, is my worship in the same class? Even a hundred years from now, would anyone speak of my devotion? The best stewardship of my time is to devote it to Christ. May we all be as extravagant as Mary of Bethany.

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