Thursday, December 25, 2008


This is always a special time of the year.  Last evening we had a wonderful Candlelight service at church.  There were several special numbers, Bethany recited a dramatic presentation of the Christmas story from a shepherd's viewpoint.  Then we lit candles as I recited Luke 2 and John 1.  There were a good number of people out with some visitors.  

After the service Renee and I and the girls went driving to look at Christmas lights.  Then we came home and had cookies and eggnog while we each opened one gift.  That has been a tradition our entire married life.  

As I think about this Christmas the over-riding emotion I have is one of gratefulness.  Certainly gratefulness for the gifts that I have received.  But a greater thanksgiving for what God has done.  I have been reminded anew of the great love that God had for us in sending his Son to die in our place.  That remarkable event changed all of history, and truly it changed me.  My gratitude this year is also directed at God's leading in our lives.  This year seemed to be a tumultuous year when it started, but as we have arrived at the end we see the wonderful path that God took us down.  He brought us here to a tremendous church where the people are especially loving.  We praise him for his sovereign plan.

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