Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good Friends

Today our Adult Bible Fellowship had a farewell dinner for us. We have enjoyed ministering with them these last three years. It is good to see God's working in lives.

The time that we have spent at Evangel has been wonderful. We came here expecting that it would be a very short time, but God had other plans. He gave us the opportunity to serve here and be ministered to. We have grown richer in our spirits through the years we spent here. We will always remember Evangel and what God is accomplishing in Taylor. We will pray for the ministry here.

Now as we leave Michigan and go on to the ministry that God has prepared for us in Indiana we covet God's blessing on Portage as he blessed the ministry in Taylor.

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Nancy Simmonds said...

Terry and Rene, we will miss you both so much, but are thrilled for you. I know He has a lot in store for you and will use you in an awesome way. Keep us posted on this blog! We love you both!

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