Friday, March 04, 2011

The Choice of a Lifetime

Last evening I was privileged to attend a fund raising banquet for the Women’s Center of Northwest Indiana. What a blessed evening. There were over 800 people in attendance. That is a tremendous army of supporters for a very God honoring, Christ exalting organization.

The featured speaker was Janet Parshall. Her address was very positive and encouraging. The thesis of her remarks was that there has been a hopeful shift toward life in the national discussion on abortion. [in no way did she say the fight was over, but she did say that it is appearing that the tide is beginning to turn.] Her remarks were similar in tone and reasons to Trevin Wax’s recent post on the same topic.

While Parshall’s remarks were encouraging and helpful, the highlight of the evening actually occurred before she spoke. Two women, clients of the Center, gave testimony on the decision to choose life that they had reached because of the gentle work of those that volunteer at the Women’s Center. The first client will be having her child next month, the second to speak carried her two month old daughter up on the stage with her. Listening to these two women and realizing that they represent so many others was a blessing.

I had tears on my cheeks as I listened to these two women describe the care and compassion that they received. I praise God for his moving in their hearts. Their choice to bring these children into the world is profound. It is a choice that has eternal implications.

Pray for this ministry and others like it that exhibit the light of the gospel in the very darkest of areas.


brodychilds said...

Praise the Lord the tied is turning. here is another article I read this week about the importance of prayer in this abortion issue.

thanks for the post.

Terry said...

Brody, one of the best books regarding how to answer questions about abortion is The Case for Life, by Scott Klusendorf. I did a review of it.

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