Saturday, November 14, 2009

Check It Out 11 14 09

Here are a few things I have read lately.

The Boston Globe has a picture essay for Veterans Day.

Molly Piper has an article talking about the opportunity that she had this week to meet the child in El Salvador that she and her family sponsor. A very moving essay.
HT Abraham Piper

Justin Taylor has a video of Shai Linne rapping the story of the Bible in four minutes.

Kevin Bauder of Central Baptist Seminary is in the middle of a discussion of the history of Fundamentalism which I am finding quite interesting. Kevin is very thoughtful and thorough in his treatment. Though he calls himself a fundamentalist and is president of a fundamentalist school, he is willing to point out the absurdities of many of the assumptions that get made by most fundamentalists. I commend the entire series to you.

David Head at Ponder Anew has a helpful post thinking through some issues of cultural engagement. In particular he is addressing the firestorm surrounding the former Miss America contestant, Carrie Prejean.

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