Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Book Recommendation

I am currently reading and reviewing The Case for Life (Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture) by Scott Klusendorf.

Scott has written a very readable guide to what is truly at stake in the debate regarding the lives of the unborn. His book is divided into four parts that address different needs for Christians: clarifying the debate, establishing a foundation for the debate, answering questions persuasively, and teaching and equipping.

I am about halfway through the book and will post a complete review after I finish it.

In his preface and throughout the book Klusendorf strongly advocates graciousness in any debate regarding life issues. When pro-life people answer questions regarding abortion policies they should do it in a “winsome and attractive matter.” We must remember that as Christians we are ambassadors for Christ, we are his representatives in this world. That lays a deep responsibility on us to be gracious and polite even as we refute deadly arguments.

Klusendorf suggests a very simple strategy in debating with both abortion advocates and with those who are unwilling to take a definitive position. He calls it “trot out the toddler.” That is substitute a toddler for the unborn in any argument that advocates abortion. This puts the debate on the different plane than most abortion advocates want to be.

He then marshals the evidence that life begins at conception. This is a key point for the debate as it helps us see what is truly at stake.

Throughout the book Klusendorf gives examples of using these strategies in a gracious, kind, yet determined way. I highly recommend this book for all Christians to read and evaluate so that they can understand and respond to the culture that we are part of.

I will post a full review of this book later.

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Dawn said...

Very interesting...I look forward to your full review.

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